Love Choppers ....

ride choppers make happy !!

Tom Fugle bike for the born free !!

When Tom Fugle passed away last year he was in the process of building another chopper for the big Born Free show. He never got to finish it.... 
To honour Tom, some of his brothers have decided to try to finish it in time for Born Free in a way Tom would have done it. 
They lack the funds though, so if you would like to see the Final Diamond (see photo) in its full glory, there is way to help achieve this. BUY ONE OF THESE SHIRTS!

chopperkingz and chopperqueenz birthday

Last week end was a crazy party for Angelique and jimmy Birthday ,visiting museum and after crazy party ,the Alcool from holland is really good for understand the bee gees haha !!
 Thanks Lindy for the pics

Birthday present for the winter

Birthday present Triple tree engraving soon the pic!

Harley JD 1926 Chopper !!!

Find this for sale on the net , just cool to make a chopper with a old engine like this !!!look really cool !! perfect for a boardtracker chopper !!!!

Art tank

                                                                         Janis Joplin