on the road to the boogie with the Tramps from England !!

Boogie Beach 2017

The Best party are in britany everybody know that , and more when our Marco International organise the Party ,Beach , beers ,Bands , Bikes ,friends ,somebody need more ? 

David the French Viking !

Friends from Peru !!

the Best View !!

Nantes POWER !!

Artist coming this year for paint the wall ,really cool !!

Twos olds man !! Yvon and Vincent (Jimmy's dad!)

Plabs choppers!

Roro de Nantes was here ,the french Master Builder and he support the chopperkingz !!

Marco with Friends 

Franz From switzerland was here too ,look at solidpleasure.com

Roro de Nantes like Nun !!

When Jerem use Alcool he is really different !

Happy Sancho !!

Pool PARTY late in the night !!

Homo photo hahaha

when the world visiting Britany

Great moments with the TRAMPS from England ,Big Fred from America and Ikki from the Black Sheep in holland !

Tramps ,Chopperkingz Brotherhood 

Bad ass choppers !!

Yes in France we cut Saucisson ,in america you can cut Steel with your knife ,I need this tool !!

News choppers from britany

Groleg aka l'homme de l'ombre


Jc from the Plabs choppers
the famous Roro de Nantes with the super book chop ride and party

Good Bye Brian

Bad news after a great weekend to the chopperbash together ,we lost a good friend. Rest In Peace Brian, condoleances to his family and Brothers from the Deathtraps MC ! Stay strong guy's!!


Please help his family and family club, donate and share this link!!

chopperbash the party !!!

 all friends to this party ,on the pic Manu, doug ,joe kiki , Jp and ?
 Brian DTMC
 Honeymoon desease from sweden really good band

 french friends from britany !!!


 american tent !!

 me too !!
 Friends from mekka of chopper !!

 Sissi Dick !
 The best from californord Seb cycles
 Rodeo Boobies !!!
 an other american Tent !!
 best knuck by Pacoma chopper !!

 Burning man festival !!!
 Chopper from Austria with the Balck Rider Mc
 René from the animals ,and Mister Dr pepper !!
 Wolfy and nath

 Jimbo from italia and fanchito
 italian Choppers !!
 Swedech Choppers from the jokers