When Chopperkingz are to conquer America !!

One month after Robert and Liek ,Some Chopperkingz was or are in america this month !! Marco to california with our friends the death traps !! Fanch and Laura his girlfriend in california too for a road trip to the death valley run  !!! and Jimmy and Emma to Daytona for the Oktoberfest !!!
The first 2% in the world !!

Jimmy and Billy Lane 

Jackie and Flo great friends from france in Florida (thanks you my friends !!)

Bill Dodge Panhead florida

Marco and John

Fanch Laura and John


Good times in Luxemburg last weekend with Harley Brothers and Deathtraps. Pics stolen from the Brothers.

On the road with friends in holland !!!

Death traps ,rogues ,jokers ,chopperkingz 

Holland anniversary

Deathtraps , Rogues , Jokers and Chopperkingz on the road in holland !! Choppers Rules !!!

Chooper forever !!

Why we ride chopper ? Cause chopper make you young for forever !!(on the photos our friend Beer from the Rogues ) You sse a difference ? not me !!!